The plant medicine industry is evolving and growing with a myriad of options for consumers populating the shelves. Peoples’ eyes gaze through the beautifully boxed and jarred selection for whatever their experience desires. Whether an individual is looking to heighten their senses for entertainment or seeking a good night’s rest, there seems to be a plant solution for everyone.


Herbés is rooted in skillful and detailed craftsmanship, that is unparalleled in the market. The brand is more than a stunning package with a promise embossed on the side of the box. There is a thoughtful and transparent approach to everything we bring to market. At Herbés, we believe in making experiences better for our customers, and we are committed to growing and evolving with this industry. We will forever be students of our craft and with careful hands, build each product that goes onto the shelf. This craftsmanship transcends all of our products, ensuring only the best, most luxurious experiences are provided.


Herbés is for people who are not easily satisfied and who want the best that life has to offer. The brand is also for those who care about how products are made, the resources, and the quality of where their plant comes before it lands in their hands.  Herbés is committed to always delivering the premier plant medicine experience.

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